Silent Authentication+ unveiled: Redefining Security and Elevating User Experience

Jersey Telecom (JT Group) in collaboration with anti-fraud specialist Honey Badger, proudly unveils Silent Authentication+, a groundbreaking passwordless technology, set to redefine how individuals access password-protected services, offering a swift, seamless and secure authentication experience.

Silent Authentication+ is the result of a strategic collaboration between JT and Honey Badger. This joint venture harnesses the same cryptographic technology employed by mobile networks to authenticate calls and data sessions.

Tom Noel, Chief Product Officer at JT said: “The launch of Silent Authentication+ represents a fundamental shift in how we approach customer authentication. Its speed, security and simplicity will change our interaction with password-protected services. Despite big technological advances and greater levels of awareness, passwords, systems access and user data are still susceptible to social engineering and fraud. Silent Authentication+ is completely immune to such measures.”

As service providers seek that all-important competitive advantage, this technology provides the opportunity to easily integrate seamless authentication into their customer journeys without the security risks, deployment costs and high friction of traditional SMS based authentication.

“Silent Authentication+ delivers all our objectives in developing a frictionless, more secure way to authenticate users. Online fraud and data security remain significant challenges, and our method removes authentication as a barrier to good customer experience while enhancing security,” says Matt Salisbury, CEO of Honey Badger.

Up to 20 times faster than OTP, Silent Authentication+ comes with additional security measures including in-built fraud detection, making it a turnkey solution for user logins, payment authentications and account recovery.

This new product seamlessly integrates into existing mobile and web applications through a user-friendly API, offering endless possibilities for user logins, payment authentications and more.

“Silent Authentication+ focusses on improving customer experiences by removing authentication barriers while maintaining and even enhancing security. By working together, combining Honey Badger’s innovation and JT’s global expertise in telecoms, we’ve developed a solution that recognises the crucial balance between security and user experience,” explains Peter Stok, Head of JT’s Fraud Protection Strategy.

With Silent Authentication+, users can say goodbye to passwords, reducing susceptibility to phishing and other fraudulent practices. The technology facilitates communication between the device and the network without the need for third-party apps, ensuring a super-fast, frictionless authentication process.

Silent Authentication+ is now available for integration with Android, iOS and web applications. For more information click here.

About Honey Badger
Honey Badger HQ Inc. is an innovative fraud prevention company that provides risk insights and authentication technology. The company aims to transform protection from bad actors with cost-effective risk and authentication solutions involving flexible pricing options for businesses of all sizes.

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