JT Monitor SIM Swap Service

JT Monitor

Operator-Level security for your business

JT SIM Swap Service assists product managers, fraud managers, compliance and risk managers in protecting consumers against identity theft and account takeover fraud

Start protecting customers immediately

Managing global SMS security and PSD2 compliance is crucial, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. JT Monitor is delivered over our proprietary platform, providing cross operator data, where our APIs can be easily integrated into current workflow tools to provide critical data points to improve customer account protection.

Make smarter decisions using rich data

JT Monitor provides you with rich data, like timestamps and date history, to cross reference against operator subscriber data. This data provides real time information enabling smarter decisioning when it comes to customers account security.

Accuracy that exceeds the industry standard

JT Monitor checks your subscribers’ phone number (MSISDN) and IMSI (SIM card IDs) pairings for any swaps at a high frequency providing critical information in real time.

Enhanced security, reduced risk

With enhanced and increased frequency of checks, our fully managed SIM swap solution removes the complexities for clients and reduces potential false positives in the data.

Trust JT Monitor for SIM security on a global scale

  • Fully managed solution to mitigate risks from SIM swaps
  • Access real time UK and International Operator data
  • Rapid integration into existing workflow tools, services delivered over our APIs
  • Meet PSD2 and SCA demands

Reducing the risks of Financial SIM swap fraud

SIM swap – simple, yet extremely effective fraud — is contentiously on the rise. With an increase of 60% between 2016 and 2018, just in the UK, SIM swapping has become the bane of modern mobile-centric lifestyle and two-factor authentication.

All a criminal has to do is gain some level of personal information about the victim to persuade a mobile carrier to transfer a phone number to a blank SIM. Once the mobile number has been transferred to the new SIM, scammers can reset different account passwords and gain access to services that require SMS authentication, most notably banking and payment services.

At JT we look at SIM swapping from the perspective of a Tier 1 carrier that works with a large number of banks and payment providers, and tackle the problem at all levels. Download our white paper to learn more about:

  • What are the risks to financial institutions
  • How can banks protect themselves from SIM swapping
  • How will the revised PSD2 regulation affect mobile banking and two-factor authentication
  • How JT tackles mobile fraud

Why JT?

Experts in fraud protection
JT Monitor is just one of the cutting-edge account take over and identity protection solutions available from JT. Customers can also benefit from JT Signal — a call diversion protection service. Our vast experience in the fraud protection industry has enabled us to hone our products, to best suit modern security needs.

An industry leader in innovation
JT is pursuing emerging technology in areas like the Internet of Things, narrowband connectivity, and truly global networking. We’re constantly pushing our services to new heights — to better serve our clients — and JT Monitor is no exception.

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