Protect your customers from SIM Swap fraud

A fully managed SIM Swap service that provides rich mobile intelligence data that establishes in real-time, the state of a SIM direct from mobile network operators to prevent against account takeover and financial fraud, featuring market leading connectivity, infrastructure and analytics all in a single solution.

Elevate your customer security with real-time mobile operator level intelligence data that reduces risk and prevents financial loss from account takeover fraud and identity theft.

Protect against mobile enabled fraud

SIM Swap fraud is a gateway fraud used by scammers to hijack a customers phone number to intercept login credentials such as SMS OTP’s to gain access to bank accounts and many other online accounts they access via their mobile phones. SIM Swap protection red flags the signs of account takeover through real-time SIM checks with mobile operators.

Smarter decisions through mobile intelligence

Banks and fintechs can help protect their customers from financial loss resulting from SIM Swap fraud by using real-time data that reports on any changes made to a SIM at the mobile operator. In the event of abnormal financial behaviour SIM Swap checks can be made to avoid fraud.

Accuracy that exceeds the industry standard

JT’s SIM Swap fraud protection checks your subscribers’ phone number (MSISDN) and IMSI (SIM card IDs) pairings for any swaps at a high frequency providing critical information in real-time. With greater network coverage we are able to provide a solution that exceeds the industry standard.

Enhanced security, reduced risk

With enhanced and increased frequency of data checks, our fully managed SIM Swap solution removes the complexities for our customers and reduces the potential of false positives in the data.

Better protection from SIM Swap fraud on a global scale

  • A fully managed solution to mitigate risks from SIM Swap fraud
  • Access to real-time UK and International Mobile Operator data
  • Seamless service integration into workflows over APIs
  • Meeting regulatory requirements to safeguard customers

Reducing the risks of financial loss from SIM Swap fraud

SIM Swap fraud – simple, yet an extremely effective fraud — is contentiously on the rise. For criminals SIM Swap fraud is considered a low risk, high return fraud with the aim being to gain enough personal information about their victim to persuade a mobile network operator to transfer a phone number to a new SIM. Once the mobile number has been transferred to the new SIM, scammers will receive calls and text message’s destined for the victim. From here the criminals can reset account passwords and gain access to online accounts that require authentication via SMS, most lucratively for the scammer, banking and payment services.

At JT we look at SIM Swap fraud from the perspective of a Tier 1 mobile carrier that works with a large number of banks and payment providers, and tackle the problem at all levels. Download our white paper to learn more about:

  • What are the risks to financial institutions
  • How can banks protect themselves from SIM Swap fraud
  • How will the revised PSD2 regulation affect mobile banking and Two-Factor Authentication
  • How JT is tackling mobile enabled fraud

Reducing the risk of SIM Swap fraud white paper

Why JT?

Experts in fraud protection
JT's SIM Swap solution is just one of the cutting-edge identity proofing and fraud protection services available from JT. Our customers benefit from a range of innovative services that use the wealth of data from mobile oprators to reduce financial fraud, including Authorised Push Payment fraud, and to create better firction free and more secure identity verification and authentication solutions for our digital economy.

An industry leader in innovation
JT is developing emerging technology in IoT, narrowband connectivity, and global networking. We’re constantly pushing our services to new heights — to better serve our clients and most importantly protect businesses and consumers from the increasing threat of fraud.

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