2-Way SMS

Deploying customer service and marketing messages via SMS has never been more important. The familiarity that consumers have with SMS, combined with the coverage, makes it the single most convenient and reliable channel for communicating with your customers, and their preferred choice to communicate with you.

What JT Enterprise SMS can do for you…

“JT can help you launch your first SMS campaigns or improve current engagement rates by defining your A2P (Application-to-Person) Business Messaging Strategy, helping to create and support a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

We can provide our enterprise messaging platform or standalone APIs, upgrading your existing solution or managing the platform on a day-to-day basis.

We can deliver omnichannel solutions together with AI Chatbots.

For more information contact one of our messaging experts today.”

Adnan Suvalija – JT Enterprise Messaging

Use cases for 2-Way SMS

2-Way SMS is used in many ways as a simple, user-friendly solution to drive engagement, improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

Appointment reminders

Appointment reminders and confirmations:

One of the most common uses of 2-Way SMS has been the healthcare sector requesting confirmations from sending patient’s appointment reminders. This has helped to reduce losses from missed appointments and brought down the costs of administration.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS from retailers

SMS is a swift way to alert customers to time sensitive offers, sales, and promotions, and can even be used to drive footfall into high street stores. Following responses to SMS alerts promoting sales and special offers, custom voucher codes can be sent to recipients to increase sales.

A/B Testing

A/B testing

Sending two versions of perhaps the same special offer to two halves of a customer database to see which gains more conversions can rapidly help to increase sales conversions and improve customer communications.

Customer feedback

Obtaining customer feedback:

With email inboxes full of clutter and open rates dwindling, email surveys are not the way to gauge customer satisfaction.

The high response rates from SMS makes it the way forward to rapidly obtain customer feedback on your products, services, and customer support interactions.

Create conversations with your customers with our
award-winning messaging services

  • Local Numbers
    Drive trust in your customers by sending bulk SMS via local numbers.
  • Dedicated Team
    JT provides a dedicated account team to help drive success in your 2-Way SMS channel.
  • Intelligent Cost-Efficient Routing
    Our SMPP-based messaging hub makes delivering your messages fast and simple. We determine the most cost-efficient routes using our direct connections with other mobile networks.

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Why JT?

Our global connections make worldwide lookup possible
Our routing APIs leverage the data from our global coverage providing you with accurate, secure, and low-cost MNP lookup. JT Navigate is on its way to becoming just as global as our network of partners.

Real-time results from a trusted partner
JT is a Tier 1 telecom operator with more than a century of experience. Our network is relied upon by other mobile operators from around the world to provide the highest level of support possible. JT Navigate is built on this reliability, making instant MNP data a reality for businesses of all sizes across multiple industry verticals.

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