Global connectivity for your customers

JT Sponsored Roaming offers a comprehensive solution focusing on the B2B space –IMSI donation & profile donation to enable networks and virtual operators to increase their coverage.



Provide your customers with coverage across the world

JT Sponsored Roaming Service allows networks and operators to provide consumers with the global roaming they need, without all the complexity and high costs of operator agreements.

World-wide coverage for your customers

JT has negotiated 500+ direct roaming agreements in more than 210 global destinations, and these can all be available to you and your customers, meaning that no matter how far your customers travel, they’ll never lose connectivity.

Implement a global roaming service simply

JT’s IMSI Donation Service provides you access to our proprietary roaming profiler, which is designed to integrate with your existing services seamlessly. Our IMSI Donation service doesn’t require SIM card replacements either, so your current subscribers can upgrade to global roaming while still keeping their original SIM.

Upgrade to global roaming

JT’s Full Roaming Solution is designed for businesses that already have the existing telecom infrastructure in place. It comes with everything you need to implement global roaming services. Our Full Roaming Solution is steered through JT’s existing infrastructure and comes with full voice, SMS, and data capabilities.

Keeping your network secure

Global coverage for your network need not cause a network security headache. With our Full Roaming Solution, you will also have access to JT’s secure, integrated VPN network, which keeps you and your customer secured, protected and never compromised.

Access unrivalled connectivity worldwide with our roaming services

  • Access to over 500 global roaming agreements
  • Non-steered access to multiple networks in the same country
  • A streamlined approach to roaming operators
  • A GSMA-compliant solution
  • New agreements and features added monthly
  • Dedicated IMSI-range
  • Optimal coverage and rate

Why JT?

24/7 live technical support

With JT’s global coverage and roaming agreements, it’s essential that we have live world-wide technical support for our systems and our customers. in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we’ll be there to help you find a solution.


Award-winning reliability

JT has won numerous awards for the reliability of our services. We perform billions of data transactions for our customers, providing them with access to real-time operator insights that save money and secure consumers.

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