Enhance network security and monetise A2P Traffic

JT Protect is a fully managed, multi tenancy firewall solution for enhanced network security and monetisation of your A2P SMS traffic.



Firewall security and monetisation of your SMS traffic

JT Protect utilises JT’s powerful messaging firewall to fully secure mobile networks, providing security for subscribers and providing a mechanism to monetise A2P traffic.

Protect network subscribers

JT Protect’s powerful and configurable SMS firewall protects your subscribers from phishing attacks and removes “bad traffic” from your network; Making your network a safer and security compliant place to be for your subscribers, protecting them from fraud and from unwanted SMS traffic.

Secure fraudulent routes into your mobile network

JT Protect gives you a single product that focusses on blocking signalling fraud/location updates, SMS intercept fraud, call intercept fraud and network access to unwanted traffic. JT Protect makes your network a safe place to be for your subscribers, and an efficient, security-compliant place to operate for your businesses.

An affordable messaging firewall solution

Standalone implementations of SMS Firewalls can be prohibitively expensive for an individual MNO, but without one your network is susceptible to security breaches and revenue leakage. JT Protect offers a multi-tenanted firewall to help the MNO to prevent this traffic and to monetise it at a considerably lower cost.

Monetise A2P traffic

Securing a network is challenging. Closing routes into the network ensures that not only are subscribers are protected, but revenue is maximised by closing grey access. JT Protect allow you to identify that traffic, protect your subscribers from fraud, and negotiate deals with legitimate aggregators trying to use your network.

Secure and monetise your network with JT Protect

  • Enterprise level solution to secure the network, protect subscribers and monetise traffic
  • Protect subscribers against fraudulent SMS activity
  • Reduce the cost of implementation and support fees
  • Block grey routes into your network & Drive SMS & A2P revenues

Getting the most out of Enterprise A2P Messaging

A2P or Application-to-Person messaging is one of the fastest growing methods of engaging with customers. It is typically a service provided to a business that allows them to easily reach a large base of consumers by sending them text reminders, updates and more.

Despite the fact that Person-to-Person SMS is declining, A2P messaging is becoming increasingly popular. The revenue from A2P SMS is expected to double from 2017 to 2022, rising from $11.9 billion to $26.6 billion. This growth is the result of both a change in consumer expectations and enterprise investments. As more and more companies begin to use SMS as a way to reach consumers, consumers become more comfortable with receiving and engaging with A2P messages.

Here is a white paper to help you understand enterprise A2P messaging and how it can help you boost your engagement. You can read more on:

  • Current A2P Messaging trends
  • A2P and two-factor authentication
  • Benefits and challenges of enterprise A2P messaging
  • Moving forward with A2P messaging

Why JT?

Cost-effective, innovative SMS security solutions

JT has worked long and hard to create a safe and secure network of our own, with new and innovative solutions. We are satisfied that they give us one of the best protected networks in the world, so now we would like to share that with everyone else at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own solutions.


Award-winning reliability

JT has won numerous awards for the reliability of our services. We perform billions of data transactions for our customers, providing them with access to real-time operator insights that save money and secure consumers.

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