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JT A2P Messaging Services: One place for all your SMS & Routing solutions

JT’s suite of enterprise level messaging services provides Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO’s), SMS Providers and SMS Aggregators with secure, trustworthy A2P SMS delivery. We have all the tools you need for all your A2P SMS messages and access to JT’s 300+ direct connections with other MNO’s & global coverage for real time SMS routing decisions.

Trustworthy, secure delivery of A2P traffic with JT Reach

JT Reach is an SMPP-based A2P messaging hub. It’s used to make delivering messages to your customers fast and simple — we determine the most efficient routes, using our 300 direct connections with other mobile network operators.

JT Reach provides all the benefits of SMPP, with increased security, connectivity and conversion rates versus the industry standard with a dedicated account team on hand to help drive success.


Global coverage for mobile number portability lookups with JT Navigate

JT Navigate is an award-winning number portability platform, built for message routing. Simply input a set of numbers (a list of customers who have subscribed to SMS messaging, for example) and JT Navigate will provide valuable information, including the mobile country and network code (mcc/mnc) on each number, in real-time.

Using JT Navigate, businesses can leverage our global coverage to determine number validity with the data provided over an API to easily integrate into existing workflow tools.


Secure your network and monetise A2P traffic with JT Protect

JT Protect is a fully managed, multi tenancy firewall solution for enhanced network security and monetisation of A2P traffic.

This fully fledged SMS security system acts as an extra layer of defence for mobile networks — the primary goal is to help operators secure their own networks through the deployment of a firewall, and in turn , leverage the JT messaging team to drive A2P message.


Global SS7 connectivity with expert security and monitoring with JT Network

JT Network utilises JT’s carrier grade technology platform to deliver messages securely, globally, and at scale. Using our global operator agreements and connectivity, messages are transmitted via trusted white routes to more than 500 carriers. And to help manage the costs of global A2P, JT negotiates optimised pricing for all its customers — delivered as one transparent bill.


Why JT?

Our global connections make cost-effective A2P messaging possible

JT has negotiated over 300 – and growing direct operator agreements, making global A2P messaging not only possible and our dedicated messaging platform with the JT Reach product ensures high quality connectivity and enhanced conversion rates.


Award-winning reliability

JT has won numerous awards for the reliability of our services. We perform billions of data transactions for our customers, providing them with access to real-time operator insights that save money and secure consumers.

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