Scam Signal – Stop impersonation and coercive payment fraud

A proactive approach to combatting coercive bank fraud

Scam Signal is a huge step forward in eradicating Authorised Push Payment

Scam Signal is part of JT’s Mobile Intelligence fraud and identity solutions - a range of innovative product solutions that provide organisations with friction free identity verification, silent authentication and real time protection against fraud.

Live call check

Live call status check

Real time calling line status check confirms if a customer is on a live call while making a high value transaction.

Silent authentication

Supports SCA

Supports silent customer authentication standards providing a friction free alternative to SMS One Time Passcodes.

Stop fraud

Stop APP fraud

Stop your customers being victims of fraud, reduce your financial losses and preserve your brand awareness.



Built upon a privacy compliant framework that protects PII data and complies with regional laws and regulations.

Easy API integration

Seamlessly integrates into existing customer flows via a simple API, providing a single point of integration and access to operators.


Multiple datasets

Utilise a wealth of datasets from mobile network operators for friction free identity proofing, age verification, KYC checks and real time protection against financial fraud.

Fighting APP fraud and coercive impersonation fraud

Scam Signal provides a seismic shift in how banks fight financial crime, moving from a reactive to a proactive approach against criminals that impersonate banks and legitimate organisations to coercive account holders into making fraudulent Authorised Push Payments.

Mobile Intelligence provides an incredible opportunity for banks to add effective mechanisms into their work-flows to assess the levels of risk associated with high value transactions so that proactive measures can be taken to protect customers from fraud.

“We are seeing record cases of APP fraud in the UK. As advancements such as biometrics has disrupted other avenues for criminal’s they’ve turned to elaborate impersonation scams to circumvent traditional cyber security efforts. This has seen a rapid increase in fraudsters impersonating banks, contacting account holders and coercing them to transfer money to them via fraudulent Authorised Push Payments. Traditionally this has been difficult to spot, up until now. Scam Signal provides the opportunity to red-flag suspicious behaviour and enable banks to proactively prevent this kind of fraud from happening.”

Clare Messenger – Head of Mobile Intelligence and Fraud Protection

Why JT?

A pioneer in mobile security
JT is an industry leader when it comes to mobile security. Our fraud protection services include JT Monitor, designed to address the threat of SIM swap fraud, and JT KYC, which provides in-depth know-your-customer services.

Award-winning reliability
JT has won numerous awards for the reliability of our services. We perform billions of data transactions for our customers, providing them with access to real-time operator insights that save money and secure consumers.


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