About JT International

JT is a Tier 1 Telco that provides a range of world-class services including, fraud protection, enterprise messaging, MNP HLR, roaming and more.


JT International

Founded in 1888, JT is a government-owned full-service global connectivity and business enterprise provider, headquartered in the Channel Islands. Our mission is to provide the best solutions — around the globe — so your business can reach its full potential. We offer a range of world-class services, including SIM swap prevention, mobile number portability, enterprise messaging and sponsored roaming.

JT employs over 500 employees with offices across the Channel Islands and around the world, providing products and services to over 3,000 enterprise customers.

Our experience within the telecommunication industry has offered unique insights into the capabilities of mobile operators. Sensitive issues such as customer security, identity verification, grey routing and mobile fraud are all managed with accuracy, professionalism and experience.

We understand the value of timely and secure communication and offer businesses the ability to control their SMS routing with an intelligent portability service. Awarded Best API award in 2019, JT’s MNP platform gives insight into the country and network data of a subscriber in seconds, allowing businesses to optimise their outreach.

Located in Jersey, Channel Islands one of the world’s premier financial jurisdictions, JT is uniquely equipped to deliver stability and security for our customers.

Meet the team

Paul Taylor
Managing Director of JT International

Paul has over 30 years international telecom experience having lived and worked in the UK, Caribbean and Channel Islands. In 2011 Paul Joined the JT Group as Managing Director for JT (Guernsey) and was promoted onto the Executive Committee of JT as MD of the Global Enterprise unit. Paul more recently was SVP for Europe where he had responsibility for business development and strategic partnerships across the region.

Ian Lavigne
Head of Product

Ian has spent more than 20-years in the Technology sector, working with organisations to drive profitability through customer-focused products. Prior to JT, Ian built extensive cross-functional Mobile sector experience at Telefonica UK. His academic background is in electronic engineering at Oxford Brookes University.

Peter Stok
Head of Commercial

Peter has worked in the Mobile industry for over 25 years. He has held various senior positions, including Vodafone Roaming Services (where he was a Board member), KPN Netherlands, Swisscom and Vodafone in the Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland, Luxembourg and India. Peter holds a MSc in Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Richard Beaugie
Head of Operations

Richard is a highly knowledgeable Operations Manager with a customer-centric approach. Richard’s 22 years telecoms experience spans engineering, customer operations and the delivery of major programmes; notably the roll-out of "Gigabit Jersey", JT’s Fibre-to-the-Home programme.

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