JT International

JT is a government-owned full-service global connectivity and business enterprise provider. We offer communication solutions to connect people together, actively protect people from the threat of fraud and deliver excellence in customer experience.

JT Group

JT, is a government owned global connectivity and business solutions provider, offering a comprehensive suite of communication products and solutions that connect people and enhance customer experiences.
Headquartered in the British Channel Islands, JT employs over 400 people worldwide. The company’s international footprint includes services such as SIM swap prevention, mobile number portability, enterprise messaging, and sponsored roaming.

In a landmark achievement in 2018, JT became the first global telecoms provider to complete a socially inclusive project, bringing Fiber-optic broadband directly to every home and business in Jersey. This initiative propelled the island to the forefront of global internet charts for broadband speeds in 2021 were it remains today.

With a history of innovation, JT’s IoT division, established in 2014, was successfully sold in 2021 for a record sum. The company continues its commitment to investing in emerging technology, including Fraud Protection.

In 2021, JT launched a 10-year Sustainability Strategy, aiming to become a carbon-neutral business by 2030, prioritising environmental impact reduction and championing social priorities that unite communities.

In 2023, JT announced its largest investment to date, the Channel Islands network transformation programme. This initiative includes modernisation and upgrades for JT’s mobile network, CORE, Radio Access Network (RAN), and Managed Services networks.

Key components of this project include the implementation of Ericsson’s future-proof Mobile Transport solutions, data-driven Network Management Services, and integration of energy-efficient products. These enhancements will offer improved speeds, heightened security, voice call quality increased bandwidth, and expanded coverage. Importantly, the program lays the groundwork for realising future 5G capabilities and technological advancements in the Channel Islands.

Meet the team

Thomas Noel - Chief Product Officer

Thomas Noel

Chief Product Officer

Tom spent his early career working in the UK and Ireland for BAE Systems and Merrill Lynch respectively. He returned to Jersey in 2011 working for CPA Global as their European Financial Controller, before joining JT in 2015 working in the Finance Division. Tom ran JT’s successful and rapidly growing International Division including IOT, Fraud Protection Services (FPS) and Messaging from 2015 until spring 2020 when he took on his role of Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, before becoming Chief Product Officer.


Ian Lavigne - Head of Product

Ian Lavigne

Head of Product Marketing

Ian has spent more than 20-years in the Technology sector, working with organisations to drive profitability through customer-focused products. Prior to JT, Ian built extensive cross-functional Mobile sector experience at Telefonica UK. His academic background is in electronic engineering at Oxford Brookes University.


Paul Duggan - Head of Network Resale

Paul Duggan

Head of Network Resale

Paul has spent 18 years in the telecoms industry. He joined the VC-backed start-up “ekit” in 2004, later becoming an investor, prior to its acquisition by JT in 2011. Paul has experience in wholesale voice, messaging, routing, MVNO enablement and IoT. He has previously held commercial roles with International SOS in the Health and Risk Management space.


Marcus Irwin - Head of Product Innovation

Marcus Irwin

Head of Innovation

Marcus has been with JT for 21 years with a variety of roles across Mobility, core and access networks with periods in International and Core technical services over the last 5 years. Personal skills would be across Radio access networks, Packet core networks, and signaling elements.


Clare Messenger

Clare Messenger

Head of Subscriber Intelligence UK

Clare has led international business development teams across TV; print and digital media. For 13 years she has worked in the Telecommunications industry overseeing many strategic projects to drive incremental revenue for Mobile Operators. Clare was a founding member of the UK joint venture Weve, owned by Vodafone, TEF and EE with key focus on data monetisation.


Peter Stok

Head of Mobile Intelligence Solutions

Peter has worked in the Mobile industry for over 25 years. He has held various senior positions, including Vodafone Roaming Services (where he was a Board member), KPN Netherlands, Swisscom and Vodafone in the Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland, Luxembourg and India. Peter holds a MSc in Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.