Global SMS A2P & P2P delivery at scale from one platform

JT Reach is our SMPP messaging hub, providing secure SMS deliver to over 300 direct connections.



Secure delivery of SMS traffic – Global coverage , local focus

JTs operator status enables us to leverage our direct and roaming agreements to enable our customers connecting to messaging hub to send time critical messages including One Time Passwords (OTP) and marketing campaigns across our platform. The hub provides a comprehensive solution that can be integrated into existing workflow tools to connect to operators and networks all over the globe through a secure, resilient and flexible interface

The all-in-one solution for A2P messaging

The JT Reach A2P hub combines all of the different facets of A2P messaging — making it an effective all-inone solution.

Increase Conversion rates and reduce costs

JT Reach ensures that your messages are sent by the most efficient and therefore cost-effective routes - ensuring high conversion for time sensitive traffic

Information Security & Connectivity

The Messaging hub offers SSL & TLS to ensure data security demands are met, along with the ability to connect via HTTP, VPN & SMPP methods.

Real time Information when you need it

Users receive instant feedback and stats on the number of messages being sent and the delivery rates of these messages.

Improve your performance with JT Reach

  • Security that exceeds the industry standard
  • An all-in-one solution for A2P messaging
  • Every message is sent on the most cost-efficient route available
  • Full account support from a team of experts
  • Real time data

Getting the most out of Enterprise A2P Messaging

A2P or Application-to-Person messaging is one of the fastest growing methods of engaging with customers. It is typically a service provided to a business that allows them to easily reach a large base of consumers by sending them text reminders, updates and more.

Despite the fact that Person-to-Person SMS is declining, A2P messaging is becoming increasingly popular. The revenue from A2P SMS is expected to double from 2017 to 2022, rising from $11.9 billion to $26.6 billion. This growth is the result of both a change in consumer expectations and enterprise investments. As more and more companies begin to use SMS as a way to reach consumers, consumers become more comfortable with receiving and engaging with A2P messages.

Here is a white paper to help you understand enterprise A2P messaging and how it can help you boost your engagement. You can read more on:

  • Current A2P Messaging trends
  • A2P and two-factor authentication
  • Benefits and challenges of enterprise A2P messaging
  • Moving forward with A2P messaging

Why JT?

Our global connections make cost-effective A2P messaging possible

JT has negotiated over 300 direct operator agreements, making global A2P messaging not only possible but JT Reach will also negotiate prices with different networks to get you the best quality, cost-effective routing.


Award-winning reliability

JT has won numerous awards for the reliability of our services. We perform billions of data transactions for our customers, providing them with access to real-time operator insights that save money and secure consumers.

Schedule a meeting with a messaging expert to explore how JT Reach can enable you secure, trustworthy and cost-efficient A2P SMS delivery.

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