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At JT, we know that it is important to understand the technology behind our solutions, and how they can be used to help achieve your business goals. For more information on JT’s Fraud Protection and Enterprise Messaging Services, read our white papers.

Reducing the Risks of Financial SIM Swap Fraud

SIM Swap - simple, yet extremely effective fraud - is contentiously on the rise. With an increase of 60% between 2016 and 2018, just in the UK, SIM Swapping has become the bane of modern mobile-centric lifestyle and two-factor authentication. Download our white paper to learn more about what are the risks, how can banks protect themselves from SIM swapping and more.

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The impact of PSD2 on fraud prevention and transaction safety

With PSD2 nearing the end of its second year, the financial industry is changing in major ways across the board. As with any change, there have been both positive (increased cooperation between financial institutions) and negative (new and unpredictable security concerns) impacts of PSD2. Download this paper to learn everything you need to know about these changes and more.

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Is SMS OTP Authentication Method SCA Compliant?

A one-time password (OTP) – also commonly known as a verification code – is a randomly generated password sent to an individual when they need it. Is SMS OTP SCA compliant? How secure is OTP? Moreoever, should you include it in your PSD2 SCA? Read our white paper to find out whether you should use SMS for your strong customer authentication, and if you do, how could you make sure it is secured.

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Getting the most out of Enterprise A2P Messaging

A2P or Application-to-Person messaging is one of the fastest growing methods of engaging with customers. It is typically a service provided to a business that allows them to easily reach a large base of consumers by sending them text reminders, updates and more. We have compiled a white paper to help you understand enterprise A2P messaging and how it can help you boost your engagement.

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JT Fraud Protection Services Overview

As consumer habits have become more mobile-centric, fraudsters have become more sophisticated, increasing the risk of exposure to merchants. Mobile fraud has increased significantly within the last several years and the need to upgrade business prevention services is growing by the day. Download the JT Fraud Protection Services Overview to learn more about how JT can help you protect your customers from fraud.


JT Enterprise Messaging Overview

JT enterprise messaging services provide a platform for secure delivery of time sensitive traffic in addition to global data sets to drive messaging efficiency and high conversion rates, powered by mobile network data across a set of different products. Download the JT Enterprise Messaging Services Overview to learn more about how JT can bring to achieve your business goals.