JT Navigate

Award-winning global coverage for mobile number portability lookups

JT Navigate detects in real-time if a phone number is valid and active, improving delivery rates and reducing SMS cost. Simple APIs make JT Navigate easy to integrate with existing workflow tools so that you can immediately save money. JT offers live & database query lookups and can tailor a cost-effective package to optimise the delivery of your SMS, Voice and RCS traffic.

Designed for high-volume needs

Designed for high-volume

Over 20 billion number lookups were performed through the JT Navigate suite of APIs in 2021. JT’s carrier-grade infrastructure provides a fully scalable solution, using HTTP or DNS connectivity, to meet the needs of tier 1 aggregators and large enterprises.

Find the most cost-efficient route every time


As the market leader in number lookup technologies, JT has the scale to provide the most competitive solutions in the industry.

Know where your messages are going before they’re sent


As a government-owned, tier-1, full-spectrum MNO, JT is the only supplier of UK MNP and HLR lookup information that holds direct agreements with all of the UK mobile network operators.

Global number validation at your fingertips

Global number validation at your fingertips

The JT Navigate suite of APIs are available using http or DNS connectivity to our routing platform. You can validate local and international customers automatically, making international A2P messaging more affordable and more accurate.

JT Navigate puts you in total control of A2P messaging:

  • Automatically detects inactive numbers to improve termination rates
  • Supports high-volume lookups with low latency
  • Comes with a suite of APIs for fast, simple installation into existing workflow tools
  • Cached MNP Lookups for the rest of the world
  • Cut costs without cutting corners
  • Dedicated support team of industry experts
  • Live & Cached UK data
  • Live global lookups providing mcc/mnc and number validity in real time

2019 SMS and Messaging Award Winner: Best Messaging API

Our Global Mobile Number Portability solution – JT Navigate – has won the award ‘Best Messaging API’ at Capacity Media’s Messaging and SMS Awards in 2019. We have completed over 5 million lookups and is an authorised MNO with all UK providers to provide such data.

2019 SMS and Messaging Award Winner: Best Messaging API

Why JT?

Our global connections make worldwide lookup possible
Our routing APIs leverage the data from our global coverage providing you with accurate, secure, and low-cost MNP lookup. JT Navigate is on its way to becoming just as global as our network of partners.

Real-time results from a trusted partner
JT is a Tier 1 telecom operator with more than a century of experience. Our network is relied upon by other mobile operators from around the world to provide the highest level of support possible. JT Navigate is built on this reliability, making instant MNP data a reality for businesses of all sizes across multiple industry verticals.

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