If a white paper or eBook is too in-depth or time-consuming for your needs, check out our infographics. JT has created some easy-to-read, easy-to-digest infographics, providing a quick overview of FPS and Messaging topics including SIM swap fraud and SMS challenges.

SIM Swap: a detailed timeline

Understanding how SIM Swap Fraud works and being able to recognise what it looks like is the first step towards prevention. In this infographic, we run through the key timeline of events as a SIM Swap takes place. It counts from the time of the initial port to the point when the hacker gains access to the victim’s financial resources.

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SMS vs MIM, which channel is more effective for A2P messaging market?

While regular users now prefer instant messaging over SMS, from a business perspective A2P SMS are becoming increasingly popular. We took a look at A2P messaging market and compiled a short infographic explaining what the differences between short messaging (SMS) and instant messaging (MIM) are.

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A Brief Introduction to PSD2

This infographic will provide you with a brief summary on what PSD2 is, why PSD2 is being implemented, what are the new security requirements (SCA) for payment providers and what are the exemptions and how to apply for such. Download a copy to find out more.

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The 3 Biggest SMS delivery challenges

Is your bulk SMS campaign performing? Do you have the delivery success rate you aim to achieve? Is your campaign delivered on time with the set budget? Do you have the network coverage you need to deliver your SMS campaign globally? Read our latest infographic to find out how to overcome the 3 biggest SMS delivery challenges.

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