Send, monitor and manage all A2P messaging at scale

JT Network provides access to JT’s global network of over 500 international partners, meaning we can support you in any A2P project, regardless of how far-reaching or large-scale it is.



Global connectivity with expert security and monitoring

JT Network utilises JT’s carrier grade technology platform to deliver messages securely, globally, and at scale. Using our global operator agreements and connectivity, messages are transmitted via trusted white routes to more than 600 carriers. And to help manage the costs of global A2P, JT negotiates optimised pricing for all its customers - delivered as one transparent bill.

Global Scale & Coverage

JT’s status as a tier 1 operator and an international business with roaming at the core enables us to provide extensive coverage for ensuring communications reach their end point.

Secure Delivery & High Conversion Rates

Our 300 direct and 500 roaming agreements, ensure that time sensitive traffic is delivered with a high rate of conversion, enabling secure outbound critical marketing traffic and OTPs.

Connectivity & Infrastructure

Mature carrier grade setup to provide a robust service for both inbound and outbound message at high volume.

Transparent Billing

Full reporting on all aspects of messaging termination to ensure effective management of costs.

Fast and secure A2P SMS delivery with JT Network

  • Truly global coverage (access to 500+ operators’ infrastructure)
  • Secure delivery via white route systems
  • Controlled delivery costs (300+ partner agreements)
  • Transparent, manageable billing (no matter how many messages you send)

Getting the most out of Enterprise A2P Messaging

A2P or Application-to-Person messaging is one of the fastest growing methods of engaging with customers. It is typically a service provided to a business that allows them to easily reach a large base of consumers by sending them text reminders, updates and more.

Despite the fact that Person-to-Person SMS is declining, A2P messaging is becoming increasingly popular. The revenue from A2P SMS is expected to double from 2017 to 2022, rising from $11.9 billion to $26.6 billion. This growth is the result of both a change in consumer expectations and enterprise investments. As more and more companies begin to use SMS as a way to reach consumers, consumers become more comfortable with receiving and engaging with A2P messages.

Here is a white paper to help you understand enterprise A2P messaging and how it can help you boost your engagement. You can read more on:

  • Current A2P Messaging trends
  • A2P and two-factor authentication
  • Benefits and challenges of enterprise A2P messaging
  • Moving forward with A2P messaging

Why JT?

Our global connections make cost-effective A2P messaging possible

Our routing APIs leverage the data from our global coverage providing you with accurate, secure, and low-cost MNP lookup. JT Navigate is on its way to becoming just as global as our network of partners.


Real-time results from a trusted partner

JT is a Tier 1 telecom operator with more than a century of experience. Our network is relied upon by other mobile operators from around the world to provide the highest level of support possible. JT Navigate is built on this reliability, making instant MNP data a reality for businesses of all sizes across multiple industry verticals.


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