SIM Swap

JT Monitor SIM Swap Services Overview

We protect your customers from the rising risk of SIM swap fraud with JT Monitor, a fully-managed service mitigating against SIM swap fraud. Leverage operator analytics to gain unparalleled insights into your customers’ data, clearly highlighting the last time the MSISDN was swapped, to help stop account takeovers before they happen.

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FPS Services Overview

JT Fraud Protection Services Overview

As consumer habits have become more mobile-centric, fraudsters have become more sophisticated, increasing the risk of exposure to merchants. Mobile fraud has increased significantly within the last several years and the need to upgrade business prevention services is growing by the day. Download the JT Fraud Protection Services Overview to learn more about how JT can help you protect your customers from fraud.

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JT Navigate - Overview

JT Navigate Overview

We provide you with a simple solution to your SMS routing needs. If your business regularly sends out A2P updates to customers or clients around the world, our global MNP service can make the process smoother and more cost effective by providing live routing information before the messages are sent.

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JT Sponsored Roaming Overview

Sponsored Roaming Overview

JT Sponsored Roaming offers a comprehensive solution focusing on the B2B space –IMSI donation & profile donation to enable networks and virtual operators to increase their coverage.

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