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Connect your business to global networks

At JT we pioneered the messaging industry and set in place the network agreements and management tools you need to utilise carrier-grade SMS white routes. We specialise in connecting your business to global networks.

Why JT?

JT is a trusted Tier 1 mobile network operator, we help businesses build and maintain consumer trust by providing enterprise-level connectivity, number validation and secure SMS routing information. The result is that traffic can be securely delivered over our robust carrier grade high availability network or secure APIs.

How can we help?

Our Enterprise Messaging Solutions provide you with a platform for delivering time-sensitive traffic securely. We also provide you with global data sets to drive SMS efficiency and high conversion rates. All information is powered by our rich mobile network data across a range of messaging products. Watch the video to learn more.

JT Enterprise Messaging Product Lines

JT Messaging services feature three product lines to the SMS market providing connectivity and routing information at scale.


JT Network

Global ScaleSecure Messaging

JT Reach

SMPP for A2P Messaging

JT Navigate

Mobile Number Portability

JT Network – Global SS7 Connectivity

JT Network is a SMS management platform for delivering secure messages globally. It allows you access to an international white route network of more than 600 carriers. In addition, it also provides you transparent billing and control of the cost cross borders.

JT Reach – IP Routing at Scale

The JT Messaging Hub provides you with platform access for delivering A2P SMS globally at scale – either directly via SMPP or as managed service with a dedicated account support team.

JT Navigate – Global Number Portability

JT’s MNP platform provides a service that enables communications platforms to efficiently route messages and phone calls internationally.

JT Network with Global Benefits

JT Network grants you access to JT’s global network for fast, secure and traceable message delivery across borders. The platform allows you to control and monitor sensitive SMSs’ status and their international cost.

JT Reach benefits large scale A2P SMS 

JT Reach is a platform for managing large volume A2P SMS. The system allows you to have easy and stable connection to a tier 1 network and provides you with continuous control and monitoring of your A2P campaigns.

JT Navigate provides data portability benefits

JT Navigate provides routing and MNP information at scale. It is an essential part of any communication tool to offer a cost-effective method to deliver SMS directly. By using our cloud API architecture it helps you to reduce any complexity you may have around SMS routing.

Enterprise Messaging
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