Fraud Protection Services

We provide you with real-time access to unique data 

In partnership with the major UK mobile operators, JT Fraud Protection Services can provide real-time access to rich data insight that helps you detect and prevent mobile fraud.

We can provide critical information to you by leveraging specific elements of the telephony data through our open APIs. So you can enhance your risk management platform to protect against mobile fraud effectively. For example, detect and prevent SIM Swapping.


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Why JT?

JT in partnership with major mobile operators brings to the UK market a suite of Fraud Protection Services. The services enable businesses to protect themselves against the growing challenges of mobile fraud and identity theft.

Trust – JT has established long term partnerships with major mobile network operators

Connectivity – JT provides a single gateway to access unique operator data in real-time

Innovation – JT solutions are constantly evolving to meet the demand of our clients

Security – JT products are built in a privacy-compliant framework

 How can we help?

JT helps enterprises reduce exposure to mobile fraud, SIM Swap and identity theft, using enhanced fraud assessment capabilities. JT is able to access and use subscriber mobile data points to deliver time-critical information and help businesses with their fraud protection.

To learn more about our solutions, check our FPS Product Overview.

Fraud Protection Services Product Lines

JT Fraud Protection Services has four product lines, and these combinations of unique mobile operator data points provide fuel to determine validity of customer profiles to the location of a handset.

JT Signal

JT Monitor

JT Locate


JT Signal

JT Signal leverages data from the existing telecoms network infrastructure to provide key attributes for validation of a customer in real-time. JT Signal covers the following areas: roaming, number validity, network and call forwarding.

Roaming - Is a customer currently abroad, Yes Or No?
Number Validity - Is a consumers registered number live or active?
Network - Determine the home network of customer
Call Forwarding - Has call forwarding on a mobile number been activated?

JT Monitor

SIM level information is a growing demand in the market. The JT Monitor product addresses the challenge of SIM Swaps in the market. Establishing the status of a SIM is a key differentiator to determine high-risk profiles and securing authentication. And JT Monitor provides you with the below checks: SIM Swap Service and SIM ID check. 

SIM Swap Service - Register MSISDN against baseline for registration of SIM swap service, Additional O2 Service (internal note)
SIM ID Check - Query or Return a hashed SIM ID (IMSI) value against a baseline of values, Additional check in real-time

JT Locate

JT Locate provides key data points for risk management platforms to make an informed decision against a customer profile. These information includes country check,return country, roaming network,vicinity and proximity.

Country Check - Yes/No response to country check
Return Country - Returns name of country the handset is in
Roaming Network - Returns which network customer is roaming on
Proximity - Determines distance of customer from a specific place based on handset location


JT Know Your Customer (KYC)

JT KYC is powered by Mobile Connect (GSMA), JT KYC identity gateway provides a single point of contact into each of the UK Mobile Operators.

  • Single point of contact to the operator level data across multiple points of request for fraud protection
  • Privacy compliant framework to protect user-level data, managing identification, authentication, auditing and operations
  • The platform provides a foundation for brands to build trust and enhance reputation amongst their customer base

JT Identity Gateway - Enterprise, Service Provider, API Exchange, UK MNO

JT Signal – Has call forwarding been applied?

Call forwarding can be applied by a fraudster to a mobile device to receive one- time passwords or pass a security check, JT Signal uses network level data to determine if this has been applied.

Retail one time password request, Anti-Fraud System, JT Signal Call Forward API

The retail anti-fraud system has used the JT Signal product to provide a layer of protection on their consumers account, thus stopping the fraudulent activity and also earning trust with the customer providing a better overall experience.

JT Monitor – Has a SIM been swapped?

SIM Swap is a growing challenge for the market to ensure that fraud has not occurred on an account. Once the swap has been made, fraudulent activity takes place shortly after, JT Monitor provides SIM ID (IMSI) level data where this can be checked in real time or monitored over a specific period.

Bank Account Risk, Anti-Fraud System, JT Monitor API

Monitoring whether a SIM has been swapped, is one method to reduce the risk of fraud where two-factor authentication, using SMS is in place. Integrating the service into fraud measures, allows the institution to decide whether a SIM swap is potentially fraudulent, and provide a layer of protection for the customer and the bank itself from financial loss. The risk profile of a SIM can be determined through a measurement of time either managed by JT or directly with the client.

JT Locate – Is the handset in the same location as a request?

Location services can determine where a handset is in real-time. If there is suspicious activity on an account, knowing where the handset is in relation to the request can prevent and protect clients account from fraudulent activity.

UK tourist uses Check user for ATM in Indonesia, Check user for Anti-Fraud, JT Access Control, ServingMSC =+62xxxxx, Process Transaction, Cash out ok

The customer benefits as the cash are approved, the bank does not suffer any financial losses due to confirmation of low-risk profile.

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