Know Your Customer’s through Mobile Intelligence

Real time customer data matching
against mobile operator CRM data

Leverage Mobile Intelligence data from global mobile operators to establish multi-layered insights and identity proofing for robust KYC checks and enhanced fraud protection and cyber security.

Build trust with prospective customers

Build trust and loyalty

Mobile Intelligence provides instant friction-free identity verification and authentication for KYC checks at a time when security is a major deciding factor for customers.

Customer file

Optimised onboarding

KYC checks can be a point of failure for onboarding customers. JT provides high quality, real-time identity checks that maintain the highest levels of friction-free customer experience.

Stop fraud

Fraud protection

In the face of rising levels of fraud, safeguarding customers is paramount. The better your KYC checks, the lower your risks. JT delivers innovative protection against complex fraud.

Meet KYC compliance obligations

Built upon a privacy compliant framework that protects PII data and complies with regional laws and regulations.

Easy API integration into customer flow

Seamlessly integrates into existing customer flows via a simple API, providing a single point of integration and access to operators.


Multiple datasets

Aggregated access to mobile operators, providing insight from multiple datasets associated with your customers. Instantly check first name, surname, date-of-birth, postcode and more to validate that customers are who they say they are.

Mobile Intelligence provides innovative solutions that protect consumers and businesses from financial fraud

  • SIM swap fraud
  • Multi-accounting fraud
  • Account takeover fraud
  • Call-forwarding fraud
  • Authorised Push Payment fraud
  • Coercive bank fraud
  • Impersonation fraud
  • Multi-accounting fraud
  • Bonus abuse fraud

JT were the first company to deploy Mobile Intelligence services, making use of real-time mobile network operator data to deliver identity verification, authentication and fraud protection.

“Mobile Intelligence is a tremendously rich source of data. At a time of record levels of fraud, and increasing scrutiny and regulatory compliance, instilling trust at a time when security is a major deciding factor with robust KYC checks that don’t impede customer experience is critical for growth. Our Mobile Intelligence solutions enable our customers to add a highly reliable, friction-free source of verified data to their KYC checks.”

Clare Messenger – Head of Mobile Intelligence and Fraud Protection

Why JT?

A pioneer in mobile security
JT is an industry leader when it comes to mobile security. Our fraud protection services include JT Monitor, designed to address the threat of SIM swap fraud, and JT KYC, which provides in-depth know-your-customer services.

Award-winning reliability
JT has won numerous awards for the reliability of our services. We perform billions of data transactions for our customers, providing them with access to real-time operator insights that save money and secure consumers.


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