Fraud Protection Services

Increase customer protection and help stop fraud with JT’s suite of Fraud Protection solutions.


JT Fraud Protection Services: Three security solutions, one trusted partner

JT’s Fraud Protection Services are designed to address the growing risk of digital attacks to businesses and their customers. Plus, with policies like PSD2 mandating stricter security practices and consumer devices holding more sensitive information than ever before, it’s essential that businesses invest in fraud protection solutions like those on offer from JT.

Protect against SIM Swap Fraud & Enable Secure Customer Authentication with JT Monitor

JT Monitor is a SIM monitoring service built to protect your customers from the growing threat of SIM swap fraud & enable consumers to authenticate with confidence. JT Monitor checks your customers’ SIM cards for SIM swaps at a rate that exceeds the industry standard, providing you with the most accurate information possible as to when the SIM card and a phone number were last paired together.


Use JT Signal to identify call forwarding fraud

JT Signal addresses the risk of call diversion fraud (also known as call forwarding fraud). The service detects if the call is being diverted and where the call is being re-directed to. This allows businesses to flag potentially fraudulent calls before any sensitive information has been accessed.


Instantly confirm a customer’s identity with JT KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) data is becoming more important than ever to protect consumers against digital fraud. JT KYC is built to address these needs by giving businesses instant access to operator-level data on all of their customers. The product enables customers to verify new account openings, matching CRM data with that of the Mobile operator’s.


Why JT?

Secure solution at scale

Our Information Security Management Systems, infrastructure and Fraud Protection Services are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. To offer suitable fraud prevention services to our business and payment partners, we make sure to offer secure data, up to global standards and to maintain a strict level of security for our data centres and systems.


An industry pioneer dedicated to fraud prevention

JT is an industry leader when it comes to customer security. Located in Jersey, Channel Islands one of the world’s premier financial jurisdictions, we have long experience in delivering stability and security for our business partners. JT’s innovative services are empowering clients to align with industry regulations and protect their consumers. Working with Mobile Network Operators worldwide, JT has access to unique network and device information that protect businesses and their customers against fraud. Our three core solutions determine if a mobile device has been compromised and the customer is genuine.


Innovative smart data fraud protection

To promote consumer confidence amongst customers and navigate through complex market regulations, businesses need a fraud protection partner with experience, and the ability to provide the services at scale. JT offers its Fraud Protection Solutions across the UK and Australia, with more markets to follow. We are a tier 1 operator, with more than 500 operators agreements around the globe and we offer exclusive access to smart operator data.

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