To all our loyal customers, whether you are recreational tourists, intrepid explorers, cruise enthusiasts, foreign correspondents, humanitarian workers, trade negotiators, diplomatic staffers, exchange students, global backpackers, trailblazing pioneers, wandering vloggers, medics on the road, academics on study leave, gap year prodigies or just one of the many who just like to have a phone number that works when you cross the border; the day has come.

JT has ceased service for both its Travel SIM and Phonecard businesses.

It has been fantastic to be a part of so many journeys. In the last 22 years we have been in the stands of 4 Olympics, 8 world youth days and too many sporting World Cups to count. We were ever-present in the tourist hotspots of the world as well as the more intrepid locations favoured by some. We journeyed with our customers to Timbuktu and the Himalayas, went on cruises to see The Northern lights at sea and we even had one customer take our SIMs on a ship from Patagonia to Antarctica. On a more serious note, we were there providing communication while people saved lives, whether that be through the phones of traveling surgeons or allowing those who lived through dark times to stay in touch with home. We stood with our customers through 9/11, the London and Paris terror attacks and were ever-present in many other tragedies throughout the world.

Sadly though, one tragedy we could not endure was the COVID pandemic. When the borders closed, so did our business, and with a heavy heart we made the difficult decision to close down our travel services.

One consolation through all this is the unshakable belief that the movement of people from country to country will return. The pandemic may have hit pause, but it will never hit stop.

So we bid farewell to our customers. Global travel was our life. We lived it, we loved it, and if we had the last 22 years over again, we wouldn’t change all that much.

So to all of you, thank you. And we hope that sometime soon, someone will say to you “happy travels”.

Many many thanks again,
The eKit Team