Terms & Conditions for Card Payment

JT accepts payment by credit/debit card (a “Card”), subject to: (a) the terms and conditions set forth in the relevant agreement entered into between the Customer and JT (the “Agreement”); and (b) the following additional terms and conditions:

  1. Card payment may only be made in US Dollars or Euros
  2. Payment by Card is subject to the terms of use of and any additional verification process applied to payments by the relevant Card provider and the Customer is liable for any additional charges applied by the Card provider
  3. JT uses the services of a third party to process Card payments and the Customer shall be redirected to that third party’s online portal in order to complete a Card payment. The Customer’s use of the third party’s online portal to complete a Card payment is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the use of that portal, and
  4. By making a Card payment, the Customer authorises JT to debit the relevant Card in the amount of that payment and in relation to the payment (in part or in whole) of the Customer’s JT account.

Any question or dispute relating to payment by Card should be directed to JT’s contact details as set forth in the Agreement or as otherwise provided by JT in writing to the Customer.

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