Sponsored Roaming Solutions

JT’s Sponsored roaming solution can be used to provide outbound coverage using our 600+ direct roaming agreements, or can be used alongside other outbound roaming connectivity to fill in coverage gaps. Sponsored roaming is both technically and commercially flexible, we will work with you to find the best solution for your business requirements.


GSMA compliant 

JT is a member of the GSMA, and all roaming solutions offered are fully GSMA compliant,  and in such has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the roaming industry. Your organisation can benefit from JT’s expertise in providing customers with a seamless end-to-end roaming experience, and generate additional revenue from new roaming traffic.

Benefits of Sponsored Roaming

  • Outbound roaming coverage at competitive rates.
  • Offers international coverage with multiple network options in each country.
  • Simplifies the management of roaming operations.
  • New roaming launches every month.

How do we help?

International Network Extensions

Cost-effectively connect your network to our 600+ roaming partners quickly and efficiently.

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Sponsored Roaming Solutions

Trusted member of the GSMA with over 700 roaming partners.

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  • Cost effectively connect your customers to our 600+ roaming partners quickly.
  • JT is a premier member of the GSMA and is an active member in the GSMA working groups.
  • Head of Roaming at JT, Cara Murphy, has many years’ experience in the roaming industry, she is the former RING deputy chair and former GSMA PRD owner of BA21 network extensions standards.

  • JT is a small, yet agile company with a global footprint. Our roaming footprint and commercials are comparable to any large Tier 1 operator/group.
  • Independence – JT’s independence from a large operator group means there are often agreements with several operators in each country allowing more in-depth coverage.
  • JT is a Tier 1 independently owned, government-backed Telco.
  • Established team of technical experts who deliver innovative solutions.
  • Commercially flexible and scalable solutions.


GSMA Member Information – JT is a full member of the GSMA and works closely with this industry association. JT attends the GSMA WAS events biannually and welcomes meeting requests from interested roaming partners or organisations wishing to discuss any of our roaming solutions such as sponsored roaming or international network extensions.

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