Keep loyal customers fraud-free

Loyalty schemes are a powerful customer retention tool. But they have shown themselves to be particularly vulnerable to fraud, with big names like Harrods, Nectar and Wetherspoons all being hit. So what are you doing to make sure your loyalty scheme doesn’t just turn...

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The fight against financial fraud

With £567.5 million in fraud losses announced on UK-issued payment cards in 2016, are you really protecting your customers as well as you could? Or are you giving them a reason to leave you? JT Subscriber Intelligence will allow you to use previously inaccessible data...

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Playing against the identity theft game

Around 60% of peak-time eGaming traffic is estimated to come from bots and scripts – not people. And some 75% of cross-border gaming transactions are estimated to be fraudulent. So how are you protecting your customers and your business against these financial,...

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