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JT Signal

Increased security, faster responses, lower costs

Our “Signal” suite of APIs combines both routing and intelligence data points to enable real time information. These signals can be used to reduce exposure to risk and enhance protection against account takeover fraud. Every phone number is checked instantly for activity and fraud, saving you and your customers time and money.

Check a subscribers call forwarding status

Check a subscribers call forwarding status

Redirecting calls can provide a platform for hackers to access sensitive account information and resources — but it can be minimised with greater levels of security. A subscriber’s call forwarding status settings can help combat this, providing vital information to identify fraud before it becomes successful.

Subscriber network discovery

Subscriber network discovery

JT’s suite of APIs can provide the ability to validate numbers and determine which network a subscriber belongs to in real time, ensuring accurate up to date information Is provided when you need it.

Minimise inconveniences with real-time data

Minimise inconveniences with real-time data

JT Signal doesn’t add any delays to your customers’ experiences or your A2P system’s processes. You’ll save money and improve your security without taking up anyone’s time, with low latency and high-volume APIs easily integrated into workflow tools and processes.

Improve your A2P delivery rates

Improve your A2P delivery rates

The JT Signal suite of APIs not only checks for call forwarding fraud and routing information automatically, but it can also determine if a phone number is active. This prevents messages and calls from being sent to inactive phone numbers, dramatically improving conversion success rates for your traffic.

JT Signal combines cutting-edge security with automated savings

  • Protect customers from call diversion fraud
  • Access operator data in real-time

JT Fraud Protection Services Overview

As consumer habits have become more mobile-centric, fraudsters have become more sophisticated, increasing the risk of exposure to merchants. Mobile fraud has increased significantly within the last several years and the need to upgrade business prevention services is growing by the day.

Download the JT Fraud Protection Services Overview to learn more about how JT can help you protect your customers from fraud.

JT FPS Overview

Why JT?

A pioneer in mobile security
JT is an industry leader when it comes to mobile security. Our fraud protection services include JT Monitor, designed to address the threat of SIM swap fraud, and JT KYC, which provides in-depth know-your-customer services.

Award-winning reliability
JT has won numerous awards for the reliability of our services. We perform billions of data transactions for our customers, providing them with access to real-time operator insights that save money and secure consumers.


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